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We are well into our 5th year!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020


Let's reflect! With some interesting FAQ's and a Q&A with the Owner.

People ask us all the time if they can have their party at the studio. Well here is the answer.

Over 1000 parties hosted in the studio.

What is the all time most played game in the studio?

Job Simulator! (Kids just love to work, when they don't have to clean up after) over a thousand hours of Jobbing for fun...

Funniest moment?

2 years in and the owner crawls straight into a real wall while playing VR.

First moment I knew VR was the real deal?

First time I touched the VR balloon in the tutorial and it floated away from me. It felt so real.

Why did you open the studio in the first place?

VR is expensive. HonestlyI wanted other people to pay so I could play haha.

Favorite game?

Space pirate trainer. Budget cuts is a close second.

Silliest game available in the studio?

That has to be cow milking simulator.....

Best compliment?

The first time a parent told me they appreciate so much that they could drop their kids off to play and have absolutely zero worries about what games they are going to play. We have always cared about family friendly fun. No gore, no blood, no language. Just pure fun!

Cool experience?

Bringing our VR experience to the Different Care Homes and taking the residents on an excellent ocean adventure.

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