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We Tailor our experiences for each Virtual Reality Traveler.

From Ages 6-infinity you will have an unforgettable experience



Covid 19- Visit out Blog to see the most up to date information. you can find it HERE.

Fun for the Whole Family.

  • Literally Jump, Walk, and Crawl, around in our virtual environments as if you are actually there.

  • Games

  • Interactive Exploration

  • Good Laughs in and out of the headset as you watch each other play and experience VR


Frequently Asked Questions: These are related to In-Studio Bookings only

What is a VR station?

It is a motion tracked Virtual Reality Headset with a dedicated 8 x 8 Foot play area to move around in


Will i get Motion Sick?   "Nope"

Simple answer is No. Even if your quite susceptible to motion sickness our tracking system is so advanced that your movements in VR track perfectly to your physical movements. This eliminates motion sickness.

How large is your space? How many can attend at one time? is their room for a party?

Lots of Space. Party's Yes. We have just over 1000 Sq Feet of space including 3 VR stations, a Foosball room, Dining area, and video game corner. We can comfortably host small and large groups of people. Parties are very common every weekend in the studio.

How many can play at a time? 

"3 participants can play simultaneously, either in their own experiences or in a shared experience together. 1 participant per headset and up to 3 Headsets are available for booking.

We allow 2 participants to share each headset per hour. We help with timing rotations, and swapping the equipment on and off each participant.


Party's, Whats included?

Everything we have to offer. You get our 3 VR Stations, Foosball Room, Arcade Machines, Video game Corner, Dining area, Couches and our staff look after swapping all the participants in and out of the VR equipment.



Do you have Games? Is VR just for games?

We tailor our experiences for age and preference.

We have many experiences where you can explore amazing scenery, visit wild animals, walk on cliffs, spend time under the sea and watch Stories told before your eyes.

That being said, we have lots of games. We truly are a studio and arcade!

Do we select our own experiences and games?

After a brief interactive tutorial you are free to pick and choose your games or experiences.

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