Covid update Nov 2 2020

A few things about Masks and Food

Recently the provincial health authorities have changed their direction on masks from recommended to expected when in public spaces.

We want to keep you safe, and our staff safe by keeping up with health guidelines.

What does that mean at the VR studio?

For our staff nothing has changed. We've already required our staff to wear masks during work as some job requirements like helping fit the VR headset on participants heads require us to come in close contact for short durations.

For our customers: when you are in the studio, the space is private to you. So if you are with members of your own household a mask would not be necessary, but we would ask that you help our staff keep a safe social distance from you, except for when it is required. (Ex. When fitting the equipment).

Small groups. If you are having a small group of 6 participants to the Studio we would now recommend that masks are worn by all participants with the exception of when they are equipped with the VR headset and playing.

We expect that adult supervisors would wear their masks for the duration of the group booking.

When Bringing your own food, snacks or cake:

The provincial health officer has said that Covid-19 can be spread easily by sharing food. So if you are going to bring your own food or drinks to the studio we recommend individual size, individually wrapped items, rather than such things as a large bag of chips where multiple hands would be touching.

Please bring everything you need to eat and drink your food safely. And please take everything with you when you


We still have a filtered water dispenser for your use, but please bring your own water bottles to refill.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Please take the time to read our previous covid updates for more information on max participants, groups, hand washing and sanitizing etc.

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