Covid-19 Update Oct 18 2020

Just a quick update.

"Operating Hours"

We are back to our regular operating hours. 6 Days a Week. Tuesday - Sunday.

"Worksafe Covid-19 Plan"

We are very happy so far with our our Worksafe Covid-19 Plan has been functioning and keeping everyone safe.

"Groups and Partys"

These are functioning very well with a max occupancy of 6 Children Participants and 2 Adult Supervisors.


Our staff are required to wear masks while at work. While we do not require participants to wear masks we do recommend you follow all British Columbia related Covid-19 Guidance.

"Cleaning and Sanitizing Supplies"

We have been able to keep a healthy supply of Disinfectant wipes, Spray Disinfectant, Soap and Hand Sanitizer.

"And a very positive reminder!" All bookings are private.

As always every booking in our studio whether you only book 1 headset or booked a party, it is always private. You never have to share the studio with another group. This increases your safety and comfort!


Jordan Garward

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