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Health and Safety

Our Commitments

Our VR headsets and Controllers feature non absorbent pads that are disinfected between every single rotation


Our Commitments

Our equipment, Video game controllers, Foosball table and often touched surfaces are disinfected between each booking.


Our Commitments

All Participants are asked to wash their hands before starting their experience.


Our Commitments

We are asking anyone who has any symptoms or may have been in contact with someone who is ill to stay home. Cancellations are free


Our Commitments

Our Staff has been reminded that if they experience any symptoms, that they must stay home and not come to work.


Our Commitments

During Party's or events we are disinfecting heavily touched areas repeatedly.


Our Commitments

We are only allowing one group in the studio at any one time. So you will not be sharing the space with anyone who is not in your booking party.


Our Commitments

Limited Services

1 Headset

VR with Social Distancing.

1 or 2 Participants only.

Wireless Experience with 16 by 15 foot play area!



2 Headsets

VR with Social Distancing.

up to 2 Participants only.

Save $30.00 right now.



We just wanted to add a few words to inform our guests on the steps we are taking to keep everyone healthy and safe. As a Dad of two young children I understand that many of our customers are parents with children and that children touch everything! We want them to have fun and be safe.

First and foremost we will comply with any health policies the BC or Canadian government recommend or impose. We are watching closely as these can change very quickly. At this time we are open as usual and prepared for spring break.

2nd we have always had strong sanitation standards as we are aware our equipment is warn on our faces. Disinfecting between every rotation has always been our practice. We are now just letting the disinfectant sit for a little longer before we are transferring the equipment to the next person.

3rd we have extended the period between bookings to allow us more time to disinfect all surfaces between each booking party.

4th. We are not taking walk ins during already booked sessions. The only participants in the studio at any one time will be your own group and our staff.

5th. Our employees have been asked to stay home if they feel any symptoms (This may cause scheduling conflicts or last minute cancellations)

6th We are asking that anyone who is feeling ill, has any symptoms or has been around someone who is ill. Please stay home, You can cancel for free and reschedule later.

Party's please remind your participants to stay home if they are sick.


Jordan Garward